2023 Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) Conference

Expanding Beyond the Language Classroom: Interdisciplinary Approaches and Practices in CLAC

hosted by Rutgers University
In Person
September 29-30, 2023

Proposal Deadline: June 5, 2023 at 5:00 PM
Proposal Submission Form: https://tlc.rutgers.edu/clac-2023

Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) is a curricular framework that provides opportunities to develop and apply language and intercultural competence within all academic disciplines through the use of multilingual resources and the inclusion of multiple cultural perspectives (https://clacconsortium.org/about-2/defining-clac/). CLAC, as a pedagogical concept and framework for curriculum development, emphasizes the fact the language learning cannot be confined to language- specific classrooms in isolation from other disciplines because language acquisition and linguistic skills become effective when integrated with subject-specific teaching.

CLAC programs play an important role in education. When integrated, languages, cultures and the subject matter simultaneously enrich each other, help learners attain better conceptual clarity, and facilitate acquiring linguistic capabilities through meaningful use of the language and content knowledge (Singh & Greeta, 2021). The 2023 CLAC Conference seeks proposals that showcase best practices in interdisciplinary approaches in teaching CLAC.

The CLAC Conference Committee invites proposals that address topics such as:

  • Frameworks for CLAC Program development 
  • Curriculum development and CLAC pedagogies  
  • Best Practices in interdisciplinary approaches to CLAC
  • Assessment in CLAC courses
  • CLAC program evaluation
  • Research in CLAC
  • CLAC in K-12 contexts and beyond 
  • AI, Chat-GPT, and machine translation in CLAC courses
  • Translanguaging in CLAC classrooms
  • Service learning and community engagement in CLAC contexts 
  • CLAC and the professions (business, commerce, marketing, diplomacy) 
  • CLAC and social justice
  • CLAC as a Call for Action

Session Format:

Proposals may be submitted in four formats:

  1. Individual/Interactive Session

An individual/interactive session is designed to provide an engaging forum for the exchange of ideas around a specific topic. Formats can include presentation, debates, audience question-led sessions, interviewer and interviewee sessions, poll-taking, gamification, videos, examples of CLAC assignments and exercises, or testimonials from student and faculty CLAC participants, etc.
Time: 25 minutes (15 minutes of discussion/presentation + 10 minutes feedback or Q/A)

  1. Panel Presentation

Pre-organized panels consist of three- four panelists plus the panel chair. Panelists focus on one central topic.
Time: 55 minutes (40 minutes panel +15 minutes of discussion and feedback)

  1. Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable discussions are designed for participants to learn from each other. The format is a small group discussion focusing on one specific topic. The roundtable organizer(s) are expected to prepare guiding questions, facilitate discussion, and collect and share resources at the end of the session.
Time: 55 minutes (40 minutes panel +15 minutes of discussion and feedback)

  1. Digital Poster

Posters are visual presentations focused on a particular topic. Poster sessions are designed to present original ideas and innovations in research, as well as new techniques or technologies being used to facilitate CLAC and the internationalization of higher education.
Time: 55 minutes (40 minutes panel +15 minutes of discussion and feedback)

Proposal Requirements 

Submit your proposal in the online proposal submission form. Please note the following sections of the proposal are required:

  • Session Format
  • Title (up to 10 words)
  • Presenter Information: Name, institution/organization, email, and a brief bio (up to 75 words) for each presenter. There may be one or more presenters.
  • Conference Topic(s): Select the topic(s) that best fit the proposal.
  • Abstract (75 words) that will be included in the program. Abstracts should be in final, publishable format, error-free, and should not include citations. It will be included in the conference program.
  • Description (up to 250 words): Briefly describe your session and indicate its connection to the conference theme/topic(s) as well as what each presenter, if more than one, will contribute.

Please consult the proposals rubric here.

For any questions, please contact Doaa Rashed, Conference Chair at language.engagement@rutgers.edu


The Conference Organizing Committee is composed of individuals from Rutgers Language Engagement Project, Rutgers language faculty, and members of the CLAC Consortium.

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