Are you considering becoming an Institutional Members?   If your school has a languages across the curriculum program in place or is  developing one you should strongly consider becoming a member.  Institutional members remain in good standing as long as at least one institutional representatives attend CLAC conferences (held once every 18 months) and participate in the business meeting.  

Becoming a member is easy!  Simply send a paragraph description of your program and a copy of your official University logo to One of the officers will be in touch soon afterward to confirm your membership.

Why join CLAC? Read a personal statement from CLAC Former Chair, Suronda Gonzalez, on the Benefits of Membership.

There are two types of CLAC membership:  institutional and individual.

Institutional members may include:  institutions of higher education, primary and secondary educational institutions, educational non-profit organizations, international education providers.  Institutional members will have a formal CLAC program on their campus or will be in the process of developing a program.
One becomes an institutional member by indicating the desire to become a member to the CLAC officers. Also, institutional member representatives are expected to be active participants in CLAC conferences and other activities.

Individual members include those who:  support the basic goals of CLAC (i.e. international education professionals, higher education faculty and staff, graduate and undergraduate students, k-12 educators, policy makers, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, business professionals, etc.)
One becomes an individual member by attending a CLAC conference or by requesting to become a member.  In accordance with CLAC By-Laws, the membership roster will be monitored and periodically updated to remove non-active individual members. Non-active institutional members will be contacted prior to being removed from the membership roster.

Please address membership requests to CLAC Interim Consortium Chair, JY Zhou ( or Interim Vice-Chair Bernd Estabrook (