What is CLAC?

CLAC is a curricular framework that provides opportunities to develop and apply language and intercultural competence within all academic disciplines through the use of multilingual resources and the inclusion of multiple cultural perspectives.

Principles of CLAC – A CLAC Manifesto. A statement of general principles and a video presentation by former CLAC Consortium Chair, Diana Davies.

A concise overview of CLAC: CLAC 101:  Definition of Terms

CLAC 2013 Keynote address by Uliana Gabara:
“Why CLAC, For Whom, and By Whom: Many Models, One Goal”
Please note that this presentation is a draft, to be used with attribution only.  The author would appreciate being informed about when and how it was used.
Uliana F. Gabara, Dean of International Education, Emerita, University of Richmond, ugabara@richmond.edu

CLAC Models taxonomy by Diana Davies:
“How does CLAC work?”

CLAC 2005 Keynote Address by Stephen Straight:
“Multilingua-Culturality for All? The History and Prospects of Languages in American Higher Education”