In this report, Matt Hartman highlights the amazing work on Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum taking place at Duke University, an institutional member of the Consortium:

Cultures & Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC), founded in 2014, is a program that supplements Duke’s language departments by offering students the chance to take classes from other departments in their target language. Some classes, like Romance Studies’ Soccer Politics, are full classes that have English-language lectures and discussion sections that take place in different languages.

Other CLAC courses are half-credit tutorials graded on an S/U basis, planned in parallel with a class from a different discipline. Students are encouraged, but not required, to enroll in both. For instance, in fall 2020 students can choose to take the CLAC course Voices in the Environment in French, Chinese or Spanish; its partner class, Integrating Environmental Sciences and Policy; or both.”

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